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Welcome to Heads Up, Phones Down

The Mission of Heads Up Phones Down is to provide education on brain injuries, provide insight on the dangers of texting while driving, to help provide services to those in need, and to help people achieve their maximum potential in life.

See the video clip of Brandon's story

 on the Ask Dr. Nandi's Health Hero TV show that aired 

nationwide in late 2019. Pleas leave us your comments  

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From One Second To The Next                                    (Video to the right)
With the rise of cell phones has come a deadly new menace on the roads, texting while driving. This film has a variety of vignettes featuring various perpetrators of this foolish carelessness and their surviving victims and relatives. As they tell their stories of the traumatic accidents they suffered along with the attending police officers' testimonies, the film explores how their lives are changed forever.Written by Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com]

Royal Oak High School February 4th @ 10AM

Please visit the video above to see what can happen when you decide that texting is more important than driving safely! No text is worth it!!!

Please see the video above on how several teenagers were distracted while driving their car!

See the video of Brandon's story

on the Ask Dr. Nandi TV show. Please

leave us your comments about the show.

We would love to hear what you thought of



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Provide people education on brain injuries, stop texting while driving, help provide services to people in need and to help people achieve their maximum potential in life. 

La Forest is adamant about sharing his story with others.  Citing his own experiences, he says that anytime a doctor or anyone else said he could not do something, it only inspired him to push harder.

“I just tell people that when a door closes you have two choices: Give up or keep going. Let them shut you down or prove them wrong. We all start somewhere, but it’s where you end up that counts.”

Please visit the web store and show your support for not texting and driving by ordering a tee shirt or wrist band. A percentage of the proceeds will be used to help others in the community. 

More speeches coming soon...